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Who Am I Project 2nd Trailer
  Since wrapping up the pilot episode shoot a couple of months ago, the Dave Andrews and Scott Brody have been busy doing post-production work on the footage. One early result from that work is the second trailer for the show, uploaded to YouTube today. Hit the link to watch it.

Keep in mind that this has been filmed on a budget most people working in the TV industry today would think is impossible to work with. To call it a shoestring budget would be an understatement. However, it has for the ...
"Who Am I" TV pilot trailer shot
  The science fiction show Who Am I, which recently had its pilot funded via a Kickstarter project that was featured in the EZTV news section frequently, has just finished shooting the trailer for the full pilot episode. The reason for shooting the trailer first is because of a deal they got with 3D Eye Solutions, who are going to convert the finished trailer to 3D and help with distribution of the finished product. Link to news story on the deal with 3D Eye Solutions at the bottom of the article....
Final Week of WAI Funding - UPDATE

I'll let Dave Andrews do the talking:
Holy Canole Batman, we did it!
By Dave Andrews

With 6 days left we've now passed the $25,000 goal for our project. That means it's official and that the Who Am I TV pilot is a GO!!!

I would really, REALLY love to give you some other very exciting news, but I'm afraid my hands are figuratively and contractually bound for the next few days. Hopefully we'll be able to make this announcement BEFORE the end of this ca...
Scifi Pilot Project Still Needs Help
  Here's another update on the previous stories:

With about two and a half weeks left on the Kickstarter project, the WAI project is still nearly $8,500 USD short of their stated goal of $25,000. Now, as I've mentioned before, if the funding target is not reached by the target date the project will receive *no money* from the pledgers. This would likely mean the end of the...
Scifi Pilot "Who Am I" Funding Update
  A week ago I posted this story here:

Now it's time for a weekly update on the progress of this funding project. And what an update it is :)

A week into the Kickstarter campaign over $12,000 USD has been raised from a total of 55 netizens. This is nearly half of the stated goal of $25,000! Fantastic progress, and we still have over a month to go! In addition to this, further sponsorship funding has been secured behind the scenes and...
Scifi pilot seeking your help
  Some of you may remember several years ago there was an article up here that told of a new scifi TV show under development by an international group of fans and writers. This was in 2006 - and now the time has finally come when the show may get its chance. But, as always, there is a catch; the group needs to get a pilot episode funded and filmed before the interested party can consider picking it up. And since the project was originally based on volunteer efforts from netizens across the globe, ...
A competitor for SyFy?
I got this on Facebook, and it really deserves attention. I know Dave Andrews personally, and I've been involved in some respects of the work that lies the foundation for this project. I sincerely hope the EZTV fan community can help out with this, and more than that I believe that this is something the fans want and need.

The SciFi Channel...sorry, "SyFy" has seriously dropped the ball in the past few years. It is no longer a channel for the scifi fans. Most of their programming consists of ...
Riese episode "Spares"
  Unwilling to turn a blind eye to The Sect's suspicious activities in Helmkin, Riese searches an eerie warehouse for answers.

Riese is a webseries that fall into the category of "steampunk fantasy/scifi", which is a relatively rare but quite fascinating and popular subculture within the scifi/fantasy realm. The show has a very high production value, excellent costumes, a good story and good actors.

For more info, visit
The mid season break is on
  This week's episode 27 of InSight covers this week at the box office, news about the Arthur and the Minimoys sequel "Revenge of the Maltazard", awards for Duncan Jones' "Moon", Jack Black in a new movie that was just picked up, a new feature adaptation of the comic "The Hunter", news about the independent scifi film "Scavengers" and more.

Then the guys interview #1 source of intelligence for all things Trek, Larry Nemecek, talking about how he got himself tangled into the world of Star Trek a...
SyFy does Alice in Wonderland
  This week, the guys will cover SyFy's take on Alice in Wonderland. Before that, though, there are news on Twilight: New Moon, Paranormal Activity, Suck, a 3D Zombieland sequel, True Blood, The Hobbit and more. Also, will the next big thing after Harry Potter be Beautiful Creatures?

This week's interview is with Erick Avari, known from Stargate SG1 (both the movie and the series!) and most recently as Chandra Suresh in Heroes.

The segment "On The Edge" returns again this week, with the guys...
New Human Target TV show and more
  In the holiday episode 25 of InSight, here are some of the things the guys cover:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon breaks records, and other Twilight news, Hugh Jackman in Real Steel, Forbidden Planet, UFO to become a movie starring Joshua Jackson of Fringe fame, Kat Dennings to be in Thor.

In actual TV news: V goes on hiatus and so does Flash Forward. A new TV show based on the DC comic Human Target will be on FOX early next year, starring Mark Valley of Boston Legal and Fringe fame. Fringe g...
Riese episode "Bind"
  Haunted by her own past, Riese decides to investigate Helmkin's dark secret, while Doctor Bauman receives an unexpected visitor.

Riese is a webseries that fall into the category of "steampunk fantasy/scifi", which is a relatively rare but quite fascinating and popular subculture within the scifi/fantasy realm. The show has a very high production value, excellent costumes, a good story and good actors.

For more info, visit
No More Youtube
  Excuse the baiting, but that's actually the title of the newest episode of InSight - or least the title of the Youtube part of it:

You see, the weekly science fiction magazine InSight from Syzygy Productions has recently expanded. Facing the 10 minute limit of Youtube, the InSight guys have had to cut out too much content for too long - so now they have found alternate accomodations. From now on, the episodes will be hosted at

Riese episode "Fragments"
  In this second episode, Riese awakens inside the township of Helmkin where she discovers a horrifying secret. And yes; the woman talks :)
Scifi news - InSight episode 23
  This time, the guys cover the current status of the box office. Casting news for The Hobbit. Twilight and True Blood get People's Choice Award nominations. Gene Rodenberry is inducted to TV Hall of Fame. V's ratings drop a little in 2nd week. Fox will release the DVD of a new Family Guy Empire Strikes Back spoof before it airs on Fox. Cecille De France will join Matt Damon in Clint Eastwood directed Hereafter, and Jake Gyllenhaal is cast for Source Code.
Scifi news - InSight episode 22
  In this week's show:

Dreamworks gets the rights to Daniel Wilson's Robopocalypse. Casting news for Marvel's "Thor" movie. A look at V the series on ABC. Brent Spiner reunites with Saul Rubinek from Warehouse 13 - who Scott interviews. The InSight Guys read some comments including one from Eddie McClintock. A look into this weeks movies of Walt Disney's A Christmas Carol, The Men Who Stare At Goats, The Fourth Kind and The Box. Jolene Blalock, of Star Trek: Enterprise fame, joins the cast of L...
Riese debut episode
  Scifi/fantasy show Riese debuted today on Youtube with the episode "Hunt". The show stars Christine Chatelain and Ben Cotton. For a more detailed look at what Riese is about, check out the previous news article about Riese:
InSight scifi news episode 21
  This week, the guys cover news on Paranormal Activity, the upcoming TV scifi show "V" and ABC's controversial advertising of that show, Syfy's record ratings, an interview with Joanne Kelly (Warehouse 13) from the Big Apple Comic-Con. Also, an interview with Dana Powers who has built an R2D2 robot (yeah it partakes in the interview :) ).

In the On The Edge segment there's a clip of Jules, the "Conversational Character Robot" - a human-like AI robot.

Dave and Scott reminds everyone that the...
Scifi / fantasy series Riese begins November 2nd
  A science fiction / fantasy web series called Riese is due to begin "airing" on November 2nd. Judging from the synopsis and the trailer below, it seems to have a lot of potential.

[i]Riese is a world of moral ambiguity and political intrigue.
A decimated land populated by characters from dreams and nightmares. Loyalties are ever in question, suspicion in the minds of all. The realm, however, was not always so cruel. Everything began with a peaceful nation called Eleysia.

The Kingdom of t...
InSight scifi news episode 19
Warehouse 13
  Kind of a special episode this time, the guys attended the Big Apple Wizardworld convention in NYC. There\'s some footage from the convention, as well as talks from Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from Star Trek TOS), and Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and the great Saul Rubinek from Warehouse 13.

So yeah, not much in the way of actual news this time around unfortunately - attending the con wasn\'t all about the experience for the guys, they had work to do so they barely had time to put together this...
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